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Protects Your Business at an Affordable Price!

Our Labor Attorney drafted Employee Handbooks are one of the best and affordable ways to protect business from employee lawsuits. For a limited time available for only $97!

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California is one of the most likley states for employers to get sued by their employees!

Why do we know this? Because we are Professional Labor Attorneys who specialize in defending employers.

Here is a little secret.
What is the best protection against a lawsuit at an affordable price?

Comprehensive Employee Handbooks!

For the first time ever employers can get our professional, customizable, labor attorney drafted California Employee Handbooks for under a $100 dollars.

We have based these handbooks on the same policies and principals that we have used to create handbooks for some of the largest and most successful companies in California.

Normally companies would be charged a hourly attorney fee and their completed Handbook would probably be around a $1,000. If it helps protect you from getting sued then its worth every penny.

However right now.... for a limited time only we are offering these for only $97!

To purchase the handbook, customers simply download it and follow the easy instructions to customize it to fit their business. Dont wait! Start Protecting Your Business Today!

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